Thursday, 12 June 2014

Scotlands trolls

I won't be sharing which way I'll be voting on the 18th of September and to be honest, I'm not interested on how anyone else is voting, not even my husband. It's a private decision, everyone is entitled to vote however they want and they are also entitled to share that opinion or keep it to themselves.
What I would like to share is how sad and ashamed I feel at the moment. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but no one is entitled to abuse another person because they don't agree with their opinion.
It saddens me that some people will verbally abuse others on social media just because they have a different opinion. I doubt they would do the same to their face. Whether you are voting yes, no or aren't eligible to vote, your opinion matters. This referendum affects everyone that lives in the UK and we should not be vilifying someone for sharing their opinion.
I'm sick of the mud slinging from both parties, I'm sick of the trolls abusing anyone and everyone. It saddens me that a friend can't share their thoughts without another 'friend' abusing them.
Scotland is a great country and I am so proud to call myself Scottish. Let's have an open and honest debate on how we can make it even better. Keep the nasty personal bitching to yourselves. No one should care how another person is voting and abusing them will not change their opinion.
No matter what the result is on the 18th September we all have to live together in this great country and it's down to all of us to make the positive changes.
The world is watching us - Politicians, stop lying to us, stop baffling us with conflicting information, stop abusing the opposition and the ordinary voters, tell us the facts and get them right! Voters, start debating and stop trolling.
I no longer want to hang my head in shame, lets show the world how we can have a positive debate without resorting to abuse.

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