Sunday, 11 November 2012


My name is Louise Milligan and I employ a cleaner. There I've said it! 'Oh my lord what a bad, lazy mother and wife you are! What a failure, what a bad influence on your kids!'  Then there is the other side. 'You lucky lucky bastard! (In a Monty Pythonesque voice)'

Well to all those Negative Nancy's out there, I pay a professional to cut my hair. I can paint walls and hang wallpaper but it's OK for me to employ a professional decorator. If I cared about these things I could pay a professional to wax my legs and my unmentionables or paint my nails. Why does there seem to be a negative reaction to employing a cleaner?

What this women can do in two hours it would take me a day! I would much rather spend that day playing with my kids. I work hard and the last thing I want to do with my day off is spend it cleaning, life's too short. I'm not lazy and I haven't failed, I just have more important things to spend my time on. It also helps to focus my mind, I make sure the house is tidy before she gets here as the more areas she can see the more she can clean. Although the other day she phoned in sick just before I was about to tidy the house. So instead of tidying I baked a cake with Anya then took her ice skating, much more fun!

I always encourage the kids to tidy up their own mess and just because the kids don't see me clean the bathrooms or wash all the floors it doesn't mean they aren't been taught a valuable life lesson. I do hundreds of things for them that they don't see. When they are older they will get chores, they will learn how to clean, iron and cook.

For those folks that would love a cleaner but don't think they can afford it, have a wee think. Is there anything you can cut back on that won't have a big impact on your life? How much food do you waste? Do you buy magazines that you never read? Cut back on the wine ... OK I went a bit far there!

I have a good job, I work hard and if I want to treat myself then why not? If that treat happens to be someone else cleaning my house then so what!

I also pay someone else to do my garden, but that is because I'm too lazy to do it myself!

Here's me on a rare day doing some cleaning. :)

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