Thursday, 22 November 2012


I love the helpful stage that the kids are at. They are always so keen to help with something whether you want the help or not. Tonight as I sat on the couch with a wee glass of wine I asked one of the kids to bring my slippers and to put my shoes away. Instantly Anya appeared in front of me, put my slippers on my feet and took my shoes away. Now there is no gaurantee that she has actually put them away, tomorrow morning when I go to put them on there will probably be a mad hunt around the house to find them. Now the helpful big sister is helping Derren to make a rocket for show and tell at nursery. I may regret this, especially with scissors involved. I'll only have a wee bit of wine incase a trip to A&E is required.

Now it's a completely different matter when you are in a rush and need them to do something so that you can get out of the house on time. Some mornings I'm hoarse with constantly repeating myself, I'm sure they do it on purpose just to wind me up. Anya some mornings can take 15 minutes just to get out of bed! I've taken her duvet out of her room to force her to get out of bed. I've then carried on with what I need to do assuming she is up and getting dressed only to find that she has got up out of bed, found her duvet and crawled back under it. When did my six year old turn into a teenager? They seem to have formed a tag team when it comes to annoying me in the morning, which I suppose in away that's a good thing as it's only one of them that's playing up at a time or maybe I'm just more tolerant to the less annoying one.

On a different note I read a great blog earlier about a mum sharing 15 things she wants her 7 year old daughter to know. Here's some of things I would like my kids to know.

Derren it's not OK to play winkie guitar in the hairdressers. Infact it's not appropriate to play it anywhere.

Anya, your Dad has diabetes not diarrhea.

Anya & Derren, pantomimes are actually fun and silly and not real. There is nothing to be scared of especially when it is your own drama teachers that are acting in them.

Anya & Derren, the light in the bathroom turns off as well as on.

Anya & Derren, when I tell you to do something, crazily I expect it to be done after the first time of asking. I'm not actually asking (It's an order) and it's definitely not background noise.

Anya & Derren, when you start asking me questions about Star Wars I have no idea what you are talking about. You may as well be talking another language.

Anya & Derren, unfortunately the world is full of bad people but you should always do your best to be good and don't let anyone else bring you down.

Anya when you are a teenager all the sweet girl friends you have are going to turn in to bitches, don't join them.

Derren the song doesn't go Mary had a bum bum o' lord. And please don't sing that at your nativity play.

Anya & Derren, always do as I say and not as I do. Mum and Dad are not even close to being perfect.

Anya it's not OK to be playing Christmas songs on the 22nd of November.

Anya & Derren, despite the crazy stunts you pull Mum and Dad love you loads. Keep them up that's how you turn out to be well balanced individuals.

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