Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Starsky and Hutch

I've just been listening to a wee bit of The James Taylor Quartet. Shockingly it's been 20 years since I've seen them live! How come when you are in your late teens months fell like years and now years feel like months? When you are a teenager you never give a thought to the responsibility you will have in the future. When I'm sitting on my son's bedroom floor trying to reason with him why he should wear the tracksuit bottoms with the Olympic logo on them to mini kickers even though he argues that they are for Olympics sports and not football it's easy to harp back to those carefree days. I was a horrible teenager and when I see the wee sparks of defiance in my kids it fills me with horror when I project them through time and imagine them as teenagers! I think I'll enjoy the mad non logical moments while I can. They despair me while they are happening but mostly I can have a good giggle about them after the event, or other people can at my expense. Here's a wee bit of the quartet, grab yourself a glass of wine and have a wee boogie around the living room.

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