Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Health and Safety Madness!

Winter is coming, today is a beautiful clear, crisp day. Before heading off to walk to school we made sure we were wrapped up warm in our winter hats, scarfs and gloves. On Wednesday mornings we also take my friends son to school, so off we all trotted on the frosty pavements. The kids had a great time, it's amazing what they notice that we now take for granted. I would love to see the world through their eyes. They were amazed by the tiny frozen puddles, the frost on the fallen leaves and even the rubbish that had a frosty glaze.

Their excitement was infectious and it grew the longer we were out. Before we had even left the garden Anya insisted on scraping some of the ice off of my car. Now I'm never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, so I left her to her fun while I wondered at what age this would no longer be fun.

As we arrived at the school and headed up the stairs to the gate another parent informed us the gate was locked. And sure enough in front of us was an empty frosty playground. So off we headed to another gate and as we arrived there it was obvious that the children were being taken straight into school before the bell had rung. So that was an end to their fun.

We had just walked to school on frosty unsalted pavements and once we arrived at the school the kids were not allowed to step onto the same surface. The world has gone mad! When I was at school you were chucked out into the playground in all weathers. Whether there is a minor frost or not kids will fall and hurt themselves. We can't keep our kids in a protective bubble, I dread to think what the next generations kids are going to be like. Kids need to learn about the dangers that surround them. Next they will be bubble wrapping the railings and replacing the playground with sponge.

I understand the school has a duty to protect the kids. I couldn't tell you how many times Anya has come home with scraped knees and a bumped head. That's what happens with kids and these have all happened on nice dry days. Letting the kids out in the playground when there is a wee bit of frost is not going to kill them! They need to be able to assess themselves what they can and can't do or they will never be able to make a decision when they are older.

Taking away an opportunity for kids to have an adventure on a beautiful winters day is a crime.

A wee update. I picked Anya up from school and the playgrounds had re-opened. However, the areas that have been painted with hopscotch and snakes and ladders etc had been coned off. I could have screamed when I saw them. I absolutely despair! If they were slippery surely they could afford a wee bit of grit to throw on them. Next time I head to school I think I'll stick a bag of salt in my bag

These were taken the last time we had any decent snow in Largs, c'mon the arctic blast and I hope they don't close the school!

Anya loving the sledging.

Derren wasn't a happy chappy, then again he had nearly ended up in the sea when he had a shot on the sledge. Luckily he fell off before he went for a swim.
The beautiful view of Cumbrae.


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