Tuesday, 6 November 2012


We have a rule in our house, It's that there will be no shouting. Anya even made a poster for it, she loves making posters. If there is ever a need for a sign or poster Anya is your girl!

Our no shouting ban doesn't last long, it's seems to be the only thing we all do well as a family. Occasionally Anya or Derren will pipe up that I scared them when I shouted. My answer is usually 'good you should be scared of me!'

The things we shout about are:

Getting dressed
Teeth brushing
Getting out of bed
Tidying up
and many more petty subjects. Two separate mornings I even found myself arguing with my 3 year old because he wanted to wear a shirt and tie and I wanted him to wear a collarless shirt!

I always hate myself when I resort to shouting, it achieves nothing and the only one that seems to be affected by it is the poor wee dog who is usually found cowering in a corner. This is one of the reasons I started this blog, there is no harm in reminding my self that there is no point shouting as the only thing I'm teaching the kids is it's OK to shout.

We shouldn't need Anya's poster but until we all learn the rules it stays.

We recently decorated our dining room and I got this excellent motto applied to the wall. It's OK to be loud but not to shout!
Check out the awesome Steve Poltz singing it in a gig in our house, sorry for the bad quality of the video. Steve was late and walked straight in and started singing, it was only when he was through the first part of his set that I realised someone had opened my blinds. Enjoy!

Louligan x


  1. What a great first entry :) Looking forward to reading more - keep posting. I keep starting and then getting lazy...